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Birthdate:Mar 11
Location:Tennessee, United States of America

The Convent of the Pure will be released by the Apex Book Company on April 1st 2009!

A Year and A Day is, for the time being STILL AVAILABLE at Amazon,
Barnes and Noble, and Books-a-Million!!
The books have been remaindered and copies will sell out quickly. Be sure to get YOURS today!

And don't forget to sign up for my "writerblog"[profile] sara_m_harvey for more literary news and events!

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"Si khohaimo may patshivalosar o tshatshimo."
("There are lies more believable than truth.")

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Better known as a Force of Nature, I have a Master's Degree in Costume Studies from New York University and am about to burst upon the costume design scene...or get my novel published.... (check out mine and others' work over at [profile] blatantlyhonest!!)

I currently live here in Nashville, TN with the love of my life, Matt. You'll find his rantings and ramblings at [profile] desuvan.
We're both writers, although he means to do that as a career, I just do it for the fun. And the chicks. ;-)
My first novel, A Year and A Day is OUT NOW! and is available at CVS pharmacies, online, and by special order from Borders and Barnes and Noble.

Mostly, I design, research, and create costumes and costume pieces (hats, handkerchiefs, etc.). I will be contributing a chapter on the 17th century to a costume history text for Greenwood Press.
Currently, I am teaching design at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Nashville, TN. I had been working in Franklin, TN as an assistant professor before I was rather unceremoniously "not renewed." Previous to that, I was employed as the Assistant Designer of the Renaissance Pleaure Faire in So.Cal. and before that employed as a Costume Assistant at Walt Disney World (which SUCKED!). I have spent most of my life doing theatre and I also dabble in opera. I have been working at the CA Renaissance Pleasure Faires for more seasons than I care to admit to and I have been gaming for even longer than that!

I have a very dramatic Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix named Guinevere. She's the silly-sulky-sighing light of my life!
In January 2008 we added to the canine family with Eowyn, a foundling stray who turns out to be a half yellow lab and half Basenji. We originally intended to take her in as a foster but she grew on us so we've kept her. She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met and a welcome addition to the pack!

I began this journal as a medium for this wacky existence better known as my I thought I would use this venue to collect my thoughts, recount my adventures, keep you good people up on the news of my life, post fiction and poetry, and have a way to receive feedback. I am having lots of adventures as I have been on the move all across America since 2000.

I shall impart for you my Romany wisdom with my Three Rules of Life:

Rule #1Never pack more than you can carry (all at once, by yourself,on and off of buses, trains, subways, or your own two feet)!
Rule #2 No matter how much it may suck right now, trust me, it will be funny later.
Rule #3Don't get caught! (The old gypsy saying goes, "If you can't be good, be careful. And if you can't be careful, be quick!")
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“When you stay in one place,the sweat running from your brow digs your grave. So, travel on!”
Kushty bok!

Made by [profile] vyvolat_hokej

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